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The Tether of the Flesh

This story is set in the rambling town of Goma and its vicinity on the shore of the beautiful Lake Kivu in highland eastern Congo, in the 1970s period of unrelenting civil strife between ethnic factions and what passed as national governance from the ex-colony’s remote capital. The last of the white missionaries were still … Continue reading The Tether of the Flesh

Boredom or, The Yellow Trousers

The Lord Thackeray, a ladies’ man,lived for his conquests and earned his money in the oil-rich Arab states of the Persian Gulf by his lofty breeding, infectious charm, and natural cunning, working for a famous (or infamous) investigative agency that claims to know just where the real sources of power lay and where duplicity hides … Continue reading Boredom or, The Yellow Trousers

The Lost Poem

Ski-ing with his family in the Alpine resort of Val d’Isère, a backbench Tory MP on holiday encounters a fellow officer from his long buried past, when just out of his teens he was serving a lonely year in the Brigade of Guards in the post-war Malayan campaign, casting himself a poet of lofty aspiration. … Continue reading The Lost Poem

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